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Déjeuner rapidement au Mont Saint-Michel site touristique du Groupe la Mère Poulard acteur de l'hôtellerie restauration en Normandie


Are you short of time and don't know where to eat quickly in Mont-Saint-Michel? Are you looking for a restaurant on the tourist site and want to take away a picnic for the day, or have a quick bite to eat?
Avec son offre de Vente à Emporter large et diversifiée, le service de restauration rapide du Groupe la Mère Poulard répond à toutes les envies sucrées ou salées des visiteurs du Mont-Saint-Michel.
Quelle que soit l’heure de la journée, une large sélection de sandwichs, crêpes sucrées et salées, galettes-saucisses ou mets typiques de la région normande vous attend aux différents points de vente du site touristique français. Vous pourrez apprécier une cuisine fraîche, française et de qualité pour accompagner toutes vos aventures au Mont-Saint-Michel.
N’hésitez-pas à faire une pause au Café du Musée, à emporter l’un des nombreux sandwichs de la Belle Normande ou encore à profiter d’une pause bien méritée à la Terrasse Saint-Michel.



As one of the Mont-Saint-Michel's fast-food outlets, La Belle Normande offers a wide selection of tasty and filling snacks. Available to eat in or take away, enjoy a gourmet moment before or after your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel.

Sweet or savoury crepes, filled sandwiches or sausage patties, the variety of the menu offered by the fast-food restaurant La Belle Normande means you can quickly take your meal with you to get your Mont-Saint-Michel excursion off to a flying start.

La Belle Normande is a favourite stop for lovers of Norman galettes, that is both simple and highly effective for climbing the 350 steps to the top of the Abbey.



Between two visits, you sometimes wonder where to get a drink or a good coffee at Mont-Saint-Michel. At the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, Le Café du Musée is the perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved break before or after climbing the Normandy tourist site.

Not far from the Abbey's Historical Museum, Le Café du Musée is the ideal place for passing tourists looking for a hot or cold drink close to their next stop.

Just next door, you can stop off at the famous Musée Historique to discover the story of the builders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Not to be missed, after a refreshing drink in the adjoining café.


La Terrasse Saint-Michel

La Terrasse Saint-Michel is the gateway to the Mont, alongside the famous Auberge de la Mère Poulard.

You can enjoy a snack on the premises or take away during your visit. Convenient to transport and quickly served, the dishes on La Terrasse Saint-Michel menu allow you to enjoy your meal with complete peace of mind throughout your visit.

Renowned for its breathtaking views of the Mont-Saint-Michel and its unique landscape, the Terrasse promises an exceptional setting right in the heart of Normandy.

You can also enjoy lunch on site, taking in the breathtaking panorama of the magnificent bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.


La Coquille

La Coquille is the perfect place to satisfy all the gourmet cravings of visitors to Mont-Saint-Michel.

The crêpes, whose secret recipe is carefully guarded at Mont-Saint-Michel, are sure to make you want to take a gourmet break.

The takeaway options are designed for eating at any time of day. From sandwiches prepared on the spot to galettes.

La Coquille also offers breakfast, lunch and small snacks for sale at the end of the day. A convivial place that will meet the expectations of young and old visitors to the Norman Abbey.


Le Petit Breton

A little sweet always goes a long way, doesn't it?

Le Petit Breton is a must for ice-cream-loving visitors to Mont-Saint-Michel.

As part of La Mère Poulard Group's takeaway service, the Mont-Saint-Michel ice cream glacier offers a well-deserved sweet break before or during your excursion.

Le Petit Breton's ice creams, which can be bought on site or taken away, will delight young and old alike, with a wide range of flavours to choose from. What's more, visitors with a sweet tooth will be able to stop for a moment at the heart of the Normandy tourist site to enjoy a refreshing break.

The great classics are still there, from vanilla to caramel and sorbets. For those with a sweet tooth, there are many other flavours to discover at Le Petit Breton, the unmissable ice cream parlour on Mont-Saint-Michel.

Feeling peckish on your trip to Mont Saint-Michel?

Come and discover the Mère Poulard Group's range of fast food outlets; give free rein to your desire to take a sweet or savoury snack with you wherever you go!

Hôtel et restaurant la Confiance sur le site touristique du Mont Saint-Michel Groupe la Mère Poulard



Today, La Mère Poulard Group offers the most comprehensive and diverse range of establishments on Mont-Saint-Michel, catering for all tastes and offering a unique experience based on generosity and a warm welcome.