L’hôtel et restaurant
Le Mouton Blanc

3 stars

21 rooms

1 historic restaurant

Are you looking for a calm, comfortable and warm setting for your stay in Mont Saint-Michel? Immerse yourself in the classic yet modern decor of Le Mouton Blanc hotel and restaurant. The hotel complex offers breathtaking views over the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, while the restaurant provides a warm, rustic setting for family evenings out. Here's a closer look at what makes La Mère Poulard Group's Le Mouton Blanc hotel-restaurant a historic setting for your excursions.

Hotel and restaurant

Le Mouton Blanc

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A 3-star hotel, Le Mouton Blanc is housed in a historic building dating back to the 14th century. Built right in the heart of the village of Mont-Saint-Michel, it boasts a singular charm and authenticity. This elegance also extends to the hotel's annexes (Jeanne d'Arc and Saint-Michel) located at the foot of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.


The hotel Le Mouton Blanc has 21 rooms in 3 buildings, each offering unique views. You can admire the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, its historic streets, its medieval village and its UNESCO World Heritage bay. For a natural, period feel, the rooms feature wooden fittings and all the comforts you need to relax.

You'll recognise the main building by its traditional rooms, medieval style and beam structure. Stay in a setting that combines the charm of yesteryear with contemporary comforts (free Wi-Fi connection, satellite channels, LCD TV, private bathroom, etc.). We also have rooms formerly occupied by pilgrims and converted into rooms for tourists.

To make your stay as relaxing as possible, our hotel services include:

  • Soundproofing
  • Free toiletries
  • Deep bathtub

For a family outing, it is possible to equip your room with cots or baby beds according to your needs. If you're on a business trip, the desk or work area will be very useful. Rooms are non-smoking and pets are allowed on the premises.


Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast in Le Mouton Blanc's picturesque café every morning. If you're on a business trip, you'll appreciate our audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi connection and banqueting facilities. Le Mouton Blanc is also renowned for its proximity to entertainment and recreational activities (hiking, golf, tennis, etc.). The hotel also goes to great lengths to guarantee you optimum comfort with offers and services such as:

  • Assistance with visits and tickets
  • a snack bar/grocery shop offering a range of dishes
  • banking services and an ATM
  • long-term parking options nearby or in the open air for people travelling by RV or truck
  • on-site shopping

This establishment is open all year round and is suitable for a variety of receptions, wedding banquets or stopover evenings. It enhances the natural landscape of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, in particular its salt meadows and local flora made up of edible halophilic plants (sea fennel, samphire and obione).

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Historic inn dating back to the 14th century, Le Mouton Blanc restaurant revives French culinary traditions.


While the setting underwent renovation in 2008, Le Mouton Blanc Restaurant retains all of its soul and convivial tradition. The stones painted in shades of gold and copper, along with the fireplace, give the room a rustic and warm ambiance. Guests can also enjoy the charming lounge area at the front.

From Victor Hugo to Ninon de Lenclos, many illustrious guests have already dined at this establishment with its rustic decor.


The majority of visitors to Le Mouton Blanc Restaurant are primarily curious to savor the lamb, which is the flagship dish on the menu.

Our specialties include, among others, Breton pork ham raised on straw with Normandy sauce and seafood specialities. In the same spirit of authenticity, we offer equally exquisite desserts prepared by our chef, such as the red fruit pancake cake or the dark chocolate and red fruit tartlet.

Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00

Cuisine: Traditional French cuisine, home cooking, regional specialities

Le Mouton Blanc

Character, Authenticity, and Charm

The hotel-restaurant Le Mouton Blanc offers a charm as refined as it is traditional for your stays in the town of Mont Saint-Michel.

Indulge in a getaway for couples or families within this historic 14th-century establishment that perfectly combines character, authenticity, and charm.

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Le Mouton Blanc

Mouton Blanc Mère Poulard Hôtel et Restaurant du premier acteur touristique du Mont Saint-Michel en France



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