Delaunay farm eggs, the essential ingredient in La Mère Poulard's soufflé omelette

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10 Mar, 2022

Delaunay farm eggs, the essential ingredient in La Mère Poulard's soufflé omelette

For five generations, Jean-Paul Delaunay's farm has been supplying the free-range, Label Rouge eggs that go into the legendary Mère Poulard soufflé omelettes. These eggs are laid by free-range hens in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

The history of La Mère Poulard Group and that of the Delaunay farm have been closely linked since the 19th century. In 1857, Jean-Paul's grandparents, François Louiche and Marie-Louise Dauguet, set up a small farm with a barnyard, chickens and a few oxen. Marie-Louise was responsible for travelling to Mont Saint-Michel to sell eggs and butter to local traders. In 1888, she met Annette Poulard, who had just opened her inn and needed high-quality fresh eggs to make her soufflé omelettes.

A few years later, Marie Louiche, Marie-Louise's daughter and Jean-Paul Delaunay's grandmother, took over the sale and delivery of the farm's eggs. "She had a great character," recalls Jean-Paul. "Just like La Mère Poulard, two strong women who quickly became friends and partners.

It was from his grandmother that Jean-Paul Delaunay learnt his trade, a trade based on a great deal of love, but also patience and self-sacrifice. "My grandmother did things with a great deal of passion and humility, values that she instilled in me and that I in turn passed on to my son", explains Jean-Paul.

Today, the farm has modern, adapted equipment, and the hens roam freely on a three-hectare run from 11 o'clock in the morning until dusk. "Our hens do as they please: they eat grass and small glasses of earth, and it's a bit like recreation for them. I know them well and they know me too: hens are very intelligent, they always lay their eggs in the same place". A traditional rearing method that respects the animals' natural rhythms. The hens are fed guaranteed GMO-free cereals and the eggs, as soon as they are laid, are packed directly on the farm, in an IFS-certified centre. la certification IFS.

Jean-Paul Delaunay has passed on his know-how and passion for the business to his son, who is responsible for packing the eggs. And he continues to deliver up to three times a week to La Mère Poulard Group the farm-fresh eggs needed to make the famous Mère Poulard omelettes. "I'm not retiring just yet," laughs Jean-Paul. "I'm happy doing my job! I love my chickens and I'm lucky enough to be able to admire Mont Saint-Michel, still beautiful and majestic, every week, whatever the season. I love what I do and I think that's the key to happiness.”

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